What is a WETT inspection?

As a certified member of WETT Inc. for four decades, Caledon Fireplace Ltd. in Caledon, Ontario, offers customers peace of mind in knowing that there’s WETT Inc. certified training behind the installation and inspection of all the company’s wood-burning appliances and fireplaces.

WETT Inc. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.) is a non-profit training organization that provides in-depth training for inspectors of wood-burning appliances to check for code compliance and adherence to safety requirements. A WETT certified inspector has met the qualifications for performing these inspections.

These WETT certified inspections are often required by home insurance companies when a property being insured has a wood-burning appliance, such as a wood stove or fireplace. The certified inspector will ascertain if the installation was carried out safely and in compliance with all fire and building code regulations.

An initial basic inspection includes the visual examination of smoke chambers, fireboxes, dampers, chimneys, chimney liners, hearths and clearances, including distances from combustibles for wood stove and flue stove vent pipes. The components covered by each inspection differ depending on the wood-burning appliance, thus there are separate inspections for fireplaces, wood stoves and pellet stoves. If concerns are identified, a more comprehensive inspection may be required.

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