Methods of venting gas fireplaces

Caledon Fireplace in Caledon, Ontario, is often asked if gas fireplaces need to be vented through the roof. Modern gas fireplaces now offer different methods of venting, thus making it so much easier to have a gas fireplace without having to remodel your home.

The purpose of venting is to safely remove combustion gases from the fireplace and purge those gases outside. Gas fireplaces don’t necessarily need to be vented through the roof. However, depending on the structure of your home, the type of gas fireplace and its placement in your home, the roof does offer one option — but there are other alternatives.

The three methods of venting are direct venting, power venting and natural draft venting.

A number of gas fireplaces on the market today vent combustion products through a vertical chimney (gas vent). This method makes use of the natural draft created by the flame, because hot air rises. Gas fireplaces of this sort have a draft hood that uses house air to separate the burner from external pressure fluctuations. The fireplace makes use of an existing chimney or a flexible metal liner and the natural draft to vent to the outdoors.

Power venting is a method that uses an electric fan to aid in the venting process. The benefit of power venting is that it enables gas fireplaces to be vented with either horizontal or vertical flues (a flue is a duct or pipe that channels the exhaust gases). This works in locations in the home where standard flues can’t be installed. Power venting has the added advantage that it can increase the efficiency of a gas fireplace in addition to using less of the home’s air. For this reason, a draft hood is not normally needed.

Direct-vent fireplaces draw outdoor air directly to the fireplace through a single pipe and remove combustion gases through a second, separate pipe. The to-and-from air channels are sealed, so the flame has no requirement for the house air and there is no escape of the room’s heated air to the outdoors. With direct-vent fireplaces, the fireplace is usually installed against an outside wall, with the vents running directly through the wall to the outdoors.

Other types of fireplaces (such as vent-free and electric) have also gained popularity, with some truly remarkable styles from which to choose. Along with doing some basic research, the best starting point is to visit a leading fireplace store that has the expertise to help you determine what fireplace is most suitable for you.

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