Energy efficiency is important when it comes to fireplaces

Caledon Fireplace based north of Brampton, Ontario in the community of Caledon sells top of the line wood burning, gas and electric fireplaces, as well as mantles, accessories and wood stoves. Today, many homeowners are moving towards new fireplaces that can be either gas powered or wood burning and do not require any electricity to operate. Caledon Fireplace sells gas and wood burning fireplaces that use standing pilot versus electronic ignitions, and are battery powered rather than relying on electricity. These fireplaces not only provide 100 per cent usage, but they can also save homeowners money by not burning a pilot flame when not in use. This is the kind of innovative heating system that Caledon Fireplace specializes in.

Fireplace brands available from Caledon include Valor, Vermont Castings, Montigo, Hearthstone, Modern Flames and Blaze King, to name only a few. These brands specialize in modern, high-tech fireplaces that provide maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The fireplaces sold by Caledon are designed to provide warmth when people are at home and save on energy bills when residents are away from the home, too. Customers can find everything they need to complement their home with an energy efficient gas fireplace. Reasonable prices, honest service and top of the line products have earned Caledon Fireplace an outstanding reputation in the home heating industry.

Caledon Fireplace can install and maintain fireplaces for as long as people own them. Regular maintenance is important. Not only does regular maintenance provide safety and peace of mind, but it also helps to keep insects away and validates warranties. Having a safe and reliable fireplace also can lead to big savings on energy bills during sub-zero winter months. The technicians employed by Caledon Fireplace can do it all. They have the knowledge, training and skills needed to install a great fireplace and show homeowners how to use it to maximum effect.  

People who want to stay cozy this winter and save money on heating their home should contact Caledon Fireplace. It’s a decision you’ll relish for years to come. There is no better fireplace company in the region than Caledon., Ontario